Looking for more information on pharmacy and all that comes with it? Be sure to check out our list of useful resources to help guide you through the process.

The Student Doctor Network  – The SDN is a non-profit organization that helps thousands of pre-health and healthcare professionals and practicing doctors across the entire United States. Their mission is to provide support and motivation to students through the challenges of healthcare education and taking their knowledge to practice. It is a great place to learn the important steps of applying to pharmacy school and read more about interviews and the application process.

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy – The AACP is a great resource to learn more about how to get started on learning the basics of getting into Pharmacy School. The organization is comprised of all accredited colleges and schools with pharmacy degree programs.

Pharmacy Times  – The Pharmacy Times provides a ton of useful information for pharmacists and students about the everyday pharmacy practice as it includes plenty of resources for pharmaceutical education and articles about the practice.

PharmCas: Pharmacy College Application Service  – This online application is used by a majority of pharmacy schools across the entire United States. Once you complete the application, it can be used for the pharmacy schools that you intend to apply for. While the process is a bit tedious, we recommend that you can start at least 6 months prior to your application process.

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