Ready for a Change? This is Your Guide to Weight-Loss

Losing weight can be a difficult thing. Sometimes our bodies just don’t work with us and other times we try things that work for others but not for us. Everyone can lose weight once they find the right method and programme. Each person is unique and our bodies don’t work exactly the same when it comes to hormones, metabolism, and health. This is why you need to have your own weight-loss guide.

If you are serious about losing weight, you may need to try a few things before you find what works for you. Here are some steps you can take to build your own unique weight-loss programme.

1. Consult your doctor – Speak to your GP or visit a weight-loss clinic to get an overall idea of your health and how much weight you need to lose. Treatments and methods will be based on your lifestyle, medical history, and current health situation. You may need to get some tests done so the doctor can know what is going on in your body.

2. Follow the doctor’s advice – Weight-loss clinics usually help you to start a new eating plan and exercise programme. They may also offer specific weight-loss treatments by injection or in pill form. Read more about this here. Your doctor may also prescribe some weight-loss treatment pills if you need a bit of a kick-start. Always use weight-loss treatments according to the doctor’s directions.

3. Adjust your eating habits and plans – Weight loss has a lot to do with what we eat. There are many options out there that may work for you. From Banting to Atkins to the 28 Day Diet, everyone has a different approach. Many of these diets are not always effective or they only work for a while. Advice from your doctor or dietician is more trustworthy than a specific diet. Your body may need more protein or less fat than others and you should adjust according to that. It is always good advice to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and to cut down on sugar. The rest you can work out with your doctor and as you progress.

4. Incorporate an exercise plan – Eating habits influence weight more than exercise but it is still important to stay active. Everyone has a different lifestyle and different preferences. You may be unable to run or use weights because of injuries or health problems but anyone can do some exercise everyday. You don’t need to belong to a gym to exercise. You can have a walk for 30 minutes or do Pilates or aerobics from videos or the internet. The important thing about an exercise plan is that it is easy for you to plan and execute. It should fit into your lifestyle and happen at times of the day that you know you are free.

If you simply follow these steps with the help of your doctor you will be on the right track for losing weight. Always remember that weight-loss takes time when you do it right. The weight that you lose by adjusting habits and living better is the weight that stays off.

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