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How to Get a Pharmacy Internship

Being accepted into a pharmacy internship is one of the most important aspects of becoming a professional. While internships are not required for students to finish school, most students will apply throughout their course of study. Having a pharmacy internship is one of the most important aspects of gaining quality pharmacy experience. It will prepare you for the real world and gain an upper hand in learning the idealistic practice. In addition, you will also build a strong network and potential new workplace in the end.

Here’s how to get a pharmacist internship.

Community & Retail Internships

These types of internships are usually available throughout your time in pharmacy school. They generally accept 1st and 2nd inters as most companies will hire 1st years due to the training required. In fact, they believe that they will gain more from hiring 1st years than 3rd years. This is because it is a waste of time to train someone who will stay with the company for only a short period.

Hospital Internships

Most hospital internships start accepting students the summer prior to pharmacy school. This means there will be plenty of training involved when compared to retail. You will begin to progress every year with more responsibilities and move towards the pharmacy’s responsibilities by the fourth year. While each hospital is different, you may even end up being hired by 2nd year.

Non-Traditional options

There are plenty of other opportunities for pharmacy interns to consider. While this may depend on the school and surrounding area, these internships may include areas of insurance companies, genetics testing, research, long-term care pharmacies, infusion pharmacists, and more.

Consider these options for internships to help guide you through the process and stay motivated in achieving your career goals. What are you’re experience in pharmacy internships? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!