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7 common causes of asthma attacks

You must have heard how serious asthma attacks can be. People who suffer from asthma try hard to breathe when they have such attacks. It can be life-threatening if you don’t know how to control it. Asthma is an inflammatory disease that affects the airways. Asthma triggers cause the airways to become narrow. It develops thick mucus as well. So, whenever a person having asthma comes into contact with pollen or dust, he or she starts to cough to get rid of the mucus. No one still knows the exact cause of asthma. However, these are some suggested reasons why people have asthma.

1. Allergies

Asthma attacks can occur due to airborne particles like dust or pollens from trees. If there are dust mites, cockroaches, mildew, etc. then your chances of having asthma increases. If you have pets at home, you may have asthma attacks often. Due to asthma, the airways become narrow and it makes breathing difficult.

2. Flu or cold

If you have a viral cold or flu then your chances of asthma attack increases. You should get some therapy to improve your condition. You can take some medication as well. When the weather changes most people suffer from cold or flue. So, asthma attacks may be more at that time.

3. Pollution

If you live in a polluted area then you have more chance of having asthma attacks. Car fumes, chemicals, tobacco smoke, etc. in the streets and workplace can trigger asthma attacks. Pollution inside the home has the same effect as well. You should make sure that your home is mold-free and doesn’t have any pollutants that may cause an asthma patient to fall sick.

4. Exercise and sports

If you exercise in cold weather then it can trigger an asthma attack. If you have asthma, you should try to avoid intense exercise. But you will be surprised to know that about 10% athletes who participate in the Olympics have asthma. You need to know the right techniques to control your asthma.

5. Stress

Any kind of stress including anger, laughter, fear, etc. can trigger asthma attacks. You should not overload yourself with work or get less sleep. You should try to lead a comfortable life.

6. Genes

If one of your parents or a relative has asthma then there is a chance that you might have it as well. A number of research works have proved that genetic factors can be linked to asthma.

7. Medication

Certain medicines like aspirin or any anti-inflammatory medicines may cause asthma. You should speak to a doctor before taking these medicines.

As you now know what causes asthma, you should be more careful about your lifestyle. You should avoid pollution, intense exercise, stressful situations, etc. to avoid asthma attacks. If you think you have asthma you should visit a doctor immediately and get some prescribed medicine or spray to get relief from asthma attacks.

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